Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Final environment touch ups and Murloc trash mob final designs

Tundra environment final touches

Vale environment final touches

Murloc welder, Dungeon 1, Trash mob 1

Murloc engineer, Dungeon 1, Trash mob 1
I received feedback from my tutor that I needed to render the rocks and water as they did not look finished in 2 of my environments, so I took the opportunity to give both paintings above another once over, I think these are the finals now.

I also forgot to post the two 'trash' mob designs in my last post. They are both meant to be Murloc minions, ones a Engineer of sorts and the other a Welder. The idea is that they look like they perform an actual role in the dungeon, I feel this adds to the believability and story of the characters. Which in tern makes them more interesting.

One the aspects I have taken away from this project is the need to think of a back story and context when creating characters, I feels it has really helped me to create interesting looking characters as opposed to previous character works I have done which can sometimes look rather derivative or not as interesting as they could be.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Final Environments, Underground Cavern, and weapon designs

Final underground dungeon

Vale Environment final

Tundra Environment final

Volcanic Environment final

First Dungeon, weapon drop designs

First Dungeon, 3 weapon final designs
Here are the final versions of the Vale Environment, Tundra Environment, and the Volcanic Environment. Finally I decided to do one of my bonus tasks where I designed weapons for the first dungeon that would drop from bosses.

For the designs I wanted them to seem like they belong in the dungeon, and also that they could have been used by the characters in the dungeon. I thought of 3 classes as well when designing them, the dagger is meant for a Rogue, the gun like object below it is a welding tool which I thought could be a like a short range gun for a hunter, and the object to the right is meant to be a cattle prod type wand that the shaman uses to keep the workers in line, this weapon would be used be Warlocks/Shamans/Mages etc

As mentioned earlier on in the blog I was using the site CGhub in order to post my work and gain feedback, unfortunately due to their abrupt shut down earlier this week I have lost that data so will no longer be able to use it for my final report.

Edit: Forgot to post my frozen environment final as well.

Frozen Environment final

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dungeon character designs update

Taskmaster mini boss final design
Trash and special character types mob designs
Hob Goblin Enforcer Special mob design

Hobgoblin Shaman special mob final design

Final boss design thumb sketches

Final dungeon one boss design
Here are the designs for my first dungeon characters. The first design is a taskmaster mini boss, secondly I have done thumbnails for possible trash mob and special type mob designs, this resulted in the Hobgoblin shaman and hobgoblin enforcer. I chose Hobgoblins as they were listed in the Warcraft law as be subserviants to Goblins in some cases so I felt they would be appropriate for the special mob type designs.

For the main boss I wanted to have a Goblin in a Harvester suit to continue along the same design as other Goblin bosses in that they have technological improvements in order to make them more formidable. In this case I wanted the harvester type suit to look like it may be used in the factory like setting of the first dungeon, perhaps to pick of heavy objects.

In terms of rendering I plan to go back and give everything a once over like I will be doing with the environments.

I have taken a weeks break during the project as I have been doing an art test for a potential job after the course. This art test has actually influenced the Hobgoblin Shaman and Final dungeon boss design process, as I did a tight line drawing first, blocking in the drawing with a mask colour, adding the local colours, and then doing a shadow, light, and highlight pass. I have found this leads to a much more consistent quality of artwork and is much quicker to produce presentable results with.

I will be using this method for the rest of the project as I feel it is helping to me to create the right balance between quantity and quality.